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Cultural category:Livestock management

The Archives of IEFSEM-BAS

number Inv. № aeim B63_75_32
title Milking sheep in a socialist farm
Year of the photography 1950~1970
Period 1963
Place of the photography Unknown Unknown
photographer Vassil Marinov
Ethnic group Bulgarian
Explanation Milkers (doyách [Bulg.]) are milking sheep in an enclosure, using milk pails (vedrá [Bulg.]).

keywords 1 shepherd
keywords 2 sheep
keywords 3 milkers
keywords 4 milk
keywords 5 enclosure
keywords 6 pail
keywords 7 socialism
keywords 8
keywords 9
keywords 10
keywords 11
keywords 12
keywords 13
keywords 14
keywords 15
Author of the text Svetla Rakshieva, Maria Markova, Elka Mincheva