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Masahiro Hirata | Cultural Anthropology, Professor, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Japan  [Profile]

Department of Human Science
Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

Inada-cho Nishi 2-11, Obihiro, Hokkaido 080-8555, JAPAN

E-mail: masa@obihiro.ac.jp

Academic activities

I was born in Obama City, Fukui Prefecture, central part of Japan in 1967. I did research for vegetation production and livestock grazing in the arid area as the research fellow in International Center for Agricultural research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) located in Syria, developed my carrier to get PhD. degree in Kyoto University, Japan, and then got the Associate Professor at Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Science. My current specialty is cultural anthropology, pastoralism study and milk culture study.
I study pastoralism and milk culture over the Eurasian Continent. Especially, milk culture is targeted to analyze its characteristics and uses in the life of pastoralists through the observation in fields. My most fruitful outcome through the last 25 years’ fieldwork is to hypothesize “monism-bipolarization of milk culture in the Eurasian Continent”, based on the vast case studies of milk culture.

Academic publications

  • Masahiro Hirata, 2018.Ecological resources and those changes of pastoralists in Eurasian arid areas. In: I. Yamada, J. Akamine and M. Hirata (eds.), Ecological resources, Showa publishers, Kyoto, pp. 205-230.
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  • Masahiro Hirata, 2017. Food culture of pastoralist, Dairyman Publishers, Sapporo, 116 pp.
  • Masahiro Hirata, 2016. Pastoralism and milk culture of the arid area in Eurasian continent. In: M. Hirata (ed.),Domestication and milk utilization based on these regional characteristics -from the perspective of Tani’s hypothesis, Symposium Secretariat hold on 16th and 17th May 2018. Obihiro, pp. 53-63.
  • Masahiro Hirata, 2015. Characteristics of Kazakh pastoralist analyzed from the point of milk culture. In: Fujimoto T. and Uyama T. eds., Sixty chapters to know Kazakhstan, Akashi Shoten Publishers, Tokyo, pp. 158-161.
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  • Masahiro Hirata, 2014. Transhumance Adaptation to the Highland from the Perspective of Nutritional Intake. In: Okumiya K. ed., AGING, DISEASE and HEALTH in the HIMALAYAS and TIBET, Rubi Enterprise, New Delhi, pp. 85-92.
  • Masahiro Hirata, 2013. The Milk Road: Pastoralism Across Eurasia, Iwanami Shoten Publishers, Tokyo, 485 pp.
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  • Masahiro Hirata, Ryunosuke Ogawa, BirhaneGebreaneniaGebremedhin, and Koichi Takenaka, 2018. The recent decrease in the number of livestock and its cause for the agri-pastoralists in the Ethiopian highland- From the cases in southern KiliteAwlaelo district in eastern Tigray region. Journal of Arid Land Studies, 28(1): 1-15.
  • Masahiro Hirata, Junko Kimura and TanjaBarattin, 2018. Characteristics and Development of Matured Hard Cheese from the Dolomites Mountain Region in Northern Italy, Milk Science, 67(1): 1-14.
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  • Masahiro Hirata, 2017.”Non-milking”: The relationship between Llamas/Alpacas and Pastoralists Who Do Not Milk Their Livestock – Case Study of Pstoralists in the HuayllaHualylla Community of the Andean Highland. Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology, 82(2): 131-150.
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Maria Yotova | Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan University, Japan  [Profile]

School of Gastronomy Management
Ritsumeikan University

1-1-1 Noji higashi, Kusatsu, Shiga 525-8577, Japan

E-mail: maria-y@fc.ritsumei.ac.jp

Academic activities

Born in 1978 in Botevgrad, Sofia region, Bulgaria. As a fellow of the Japanese Ministry of Education she studies cultural anthropology with a focus on food and national identity. In her dissertation, based on fieldwork in Bulgaria and Japan, she examines the rise of yogurt from a culturally specific food to a global health-giving product. After acquiring her PhD at the Nationa Museum of Ethnology, Japan, she has been an affiliated researcher at the same instituton and a visiting lecturer at several Japanese universities such as Kyoto University, Shiga Prefecture University and Kwansei Gakuin University. Now she teaches cultural anthropology, food culture, world food and economy, etc. at Ritsumeikan University. While continuing her studies on foodways and culinary traditions in Bulgaria and Japan, she also pays attention to the developmen of the national food education campaign in Japa and alternative food movements such as the organics and Slow Food.

Academic publications

  • Maria Yotova, 2018. Doing fieldwork in Bulgaria, the homeland of yogurt. In: N. Ishige and N. Akasaka (eds.), Studies ofFood and Culture, Tamagawa University, Tokyo, pp.150-161.
  • Maria Yotova, 2017. Between tradition, science and modernity: yogurt representations in post-socialist Bulgaria. In: M. Hirata and S. Rakshieva (eds.),Pastoralism in Bulgaria, Gutenberg Publishing House, Sofia,pp. 87-114.
  • Maria Yotova, 2017. Bulgarian tomato paste “lyutenitsa”: between globalization and the economy of jars. In: М. Arata (ed.), Eating Cultures, Drinking Cultures: Food Business in aGlocalized World. Domes Shuppan, Tokyo, pp. 183-203.
  • Maria Yotova, 2016. Bulgarian immigrants: living between two worlds. In: Y. Konagaya, M. Suzuki and K. Dan (eds.),World Cinema Studies: Seeing the Contemporary World through Movies. Mensei Shuppan, Tokyo, pp. 174-178.
  • Maria Yotova, 2014. Reflecting authenticity: grandmother’s yogurt between Bulgaria and Japan. In:N.Domingos, J. M.Sobral and H. G. West (eds.),Food between the Country and the City: Ethnographies for a Changing Global Foodscape, Bloomsbury Academic. London, pp. 280-308.
  • Maria Yotova, 2013. “It is the bacillus that makes our milk”: ethnocentric perceptions of yogurt in post-socialist Bulgaria. In: E. J. Abbots and A.Lavis (eds.), Why We Eat, How We Eat. Contemporary Encounters between Foods and Bodies,Ashgate Publishing,Aldershot, pp. 169-186.
  • Maria Yotova, 2013. “Bulgaria, the holy land of yogurt”: abrand myth and management philosophy. In:H. Nakamaki and M. Sedgwick (eds.), Business and Anthropology: A Focus on Sacred Space. Senri Ethnological Studies 82,National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, pp. 87-98.
  • Maria Yotova, 2012. Yogurt and Bulgaria: Discourses of Past and Present. Toho Shuppan, Osaka.
  • Maria Yotova, 2012. The Balkan sheep: traces in French history. In: Gekkan Minpaku (ed.), The Living Beings That We Eat, Maruzen Shuppan, Tokyo, pp.10-11.
  • Maria Yotova, 2018. The “goodness” of homemade yogurt: self-provisioningas sustainable food practices in post-socialist Bulgaria.Local Environment. (in print)
  • Maria Yotova, 2017. Ethnographic heritage as a branding strategy: acase study of yogurt in Bulgaria and Japan. Global Economic Review 47(1): 47-62.
  • Maria Yotova, 2016. “Right” food, “responsible” citizens: state-promoted food education and a food dilemma in Japan. Asian Pacific Viewpoint, 57(3):326-337.
  • Maria Yotova, 2013. Milk in Bulgaria: traditions lost and created. Jinken to buraku mondai, 65(7): 56-61.
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  • Maria Yotova, 2010. A comparative research on yogurt in Japan and South Korea. Mishima Foundation Reports, 46:151-154.
  • Maria Yotova, 2010. The Bulgarian yogurt traditions: changes and interpretations in a post-socialism reality.MinpakuAnthropologyNewsletter, 31: 6-7.

Svetla Rumenova Rakshieva | Ethnologist,Associated professor, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum, BULGARIA  [Profile]

Bulgaria, Sofia 1000, No6-А Moskovska street

E-mail: iefem.kancelaria@gmail.com

E-mail: sve_rakshieva@abv.bg

Academic activities

Born in 1959 in the town of Kardzhali, Bulgaria. Graduated Sofia University “St. KlimentOhridski”, faculty of History, specialty Ethnography, in 1982 as a MA in History. In the period 1983 – 1992 – a PhD-student in the Ethnographic institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. In 1992 defended a PhD thesis entitled “Bulgarian traditional mobile sheepherding” (533 pages, unpublished), devoted to the problems of typology and classification of the forms of mobile pastoralism in Bulgarian ethnic territory in the period 15-th – the middle of the 20-th century. Two general types of mobile pastoralism and their variants have been taken in consideration: the Transhumance of Bulgarian shepherds and the Nomadism of Sarakatsans, Arumanians and the Yuruks in the past. Since 2005 – an Assoc. professor, PhD in the Ethnographic institute with Museum – BAS, Current Ethnologydepartment. In the period 2008 – 2010 – a Chief curator of the Ethnographic Museum at the EIM – BAS. Since 2010 – a research fellow, Assoc. prof. PhD at the department Ethnology of Socialism and Post-socialism at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies (IEFSEM) – BAS. Participant in the project C.A.N.E.P.A.L. (Culture and Nature: The European Heritage of Sheep Farming and Pastoral Life) – Culture Programme of EU in 2010 – 2014.

Academic publications

  • Rakshieva, Svetla, 1999. Traditsionnoto zhivotnovadstvo v Loveshko [Traditional popular herdsmanship in Lovech region]. – In: Ethnographic and folkloristic researches of Bulgaria. Lovech region. Sofia 1999, pp. 31 – 78 (with pictures and illustration of the author – 9 tables and 1 map). Academic Publishing House “Marin Drinov”.(in Bulgarian)
  • Rakshieva, Svetla, 2002. Traditsionnoto zemedelie v Sakar [Traditional popular agriculture in Sakar] – In: Ethnographic and folkloristic researches of Bulgaria. Sakar mountain, pp. 20 – 89 (with pictures and illustration of the author – 9 tables and 1 map). Sofia 2002. Academic Publishing House “Marin Drinov”. (in Bulgarian)
  • Rakshieva, Svetla, 2002. Traditsionnoto zhivotnovadstvo v Sakar [Traditional herdsmanship in Sakar region]. – In: Ethnographic and folkloristic researches of Bulgaria. Sakar mountain...., pp. 90 – 116.(in Bulgarian)
  • Rakshieva, Svetla, 2002. Dobavuchni pominatsi [Supplementary occupations]. – In: Ethnographic and folkloristic researches of Bulgaria. Sakar mountain...., pp. 117 – 126. (in Bulgarian)
  • Rakshieva, Svetla, 2008. Pastiri, putishta, migratsii prez Sakar i okolnite ravnini (XV – sredata na XX vek). [Herdsmen, Routes, Migrations across Sakar and the surrounding plains (XV- the mid-XX c.) -In: Svetlana Ivanova (editor). Ethnic and Cultural Spaces in the Balkans. Contributions in honour of Prof. Dsc. Tsvetana Georgieva. Part 2. Contemporary times – Ethnological Discourses, pp. 175 – 219. Sofia 2008, St. Kliment Ohridsky University Press,(in Bulgarian)
  • Rakshieva, Svetla,1997. Transhumans i nomadizam v Trakija [Transhumance and Nomadism in Thrace]. – In: Trakietsat i negoviyat svyat [Thracian people and their world]. Sofia 1997, pp. 148 – 156.(in Bulgarian)
  • Rakshieva, Svetla, 1998. Transhumantnoto pastirstvo v etnichnata teritoriya na balgarite [Transhumance in Bulgarian ethnic area]. –In: Болгарский ежегодник (Болгарский щорічник), т. ІІІ, Киів 1998. Изд. на Міжреспубліканьска наукова асоціація болгаристів. Киівский інститут. Слов’янський університет, pp. 163 – 192, with 1 map. (in Bulgarian)
  • Rakshieva, Svetla, 2003. Imagining Identity. From the Living of Arumanians in Socialist Bulgaria. – In: Socialism – reality and illusions. Еthnological Aspects of everyday Culture. Sofia. 2003, pp. 209 – 217.
  • Rakshieva, Svetla, 2003. “Bakitsa v Bulgaria...” Po problema identichnost i rodina sred armunite ot Chepino v minaloto i dnes [“Bakitsa in Bulgaria…” On the problem of identity and motherland among Aromanians from Chepino in the past and today]. – In: Jubileen sbornik v chest na prof. Jordan Jordanov [Contributions in honour of Prof. Jordan Jordanov]. Veliko Tarnovo 2003, pp. 383 – 386.(in Bulgarian)
  • Rakshieva, Svetla, 2010. Chepinskite Vlasi [The Vlachs in Chepino valley] – In: Contributions of the conference “Velingrad – Chepino valley – Tsepina in the millennial history of North-Western Rhodopes”, Sofia 2010, pp. 215 – 227. (in Bulgarian)
  • Rakshieva. S., I. Mishkova, 2011.Researchtheme 2:ARCHITECTURE. ResearchReportforBulgaria, November 2011. CANEPALprojectPublications. (in English)
  • Rakshieva. Svetla, 2011. Researchtheme 4: Transhumance Routes. Research Report for Bulgaria. CANEPALproject Publications. November 2011. (in English)
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Maria Markova | Ethnologist, Assistant professor, Department “Historical Ethnology”, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum  [Profile]

Bulgaria, Sofia, 6-A Moskovska street

E-mail: m_tarnovska@abv.bg

Academic activities

Born in 1970 in Kardzhali, Bulgaria. Graduated the Faculty of History in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridsky” – a M.A. in History, specialty Ethnology. In 1998-2001 – a PhD-student in the Institute of Ethnography at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.In her doctoral thesis “Food and nutrition: between nature and culture” (303 p.) various problems about the code of nutritive system and the basic ideas of nature and culture of Bulgarian society in the pre-industrial period - the general concepts for constructing and imagining the organized Cosmos.After the public defense of her PhD thesis, she worked as a museum curator at the Ethnographic museum in EIM. Later on she became a Senior Assistant in “Historical Ethnology” department at the same institute.Currently she continues her researches upon the culinary code regarding various pre-modern, modern and current technologies and ideas, their incorporation in everyday life and rituals, as well as particular semiotic and mythological aspects of food.

Academic publications

  • Markova, Maria, 2018. The Semiotic Function of Taste and Odour of Food (based on evidence from Bulgarian traditional folk culture). – In: Sharlanova, V. (ed.). With Ethnography in Search of Meaning. Sofia, pp. 81-91. ISBN 978-954-322-930-7.(in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2017. Aboutthe „first“ andthe „final“ mealsinpastoral ritual calendar related to the start and the finish of milking season. – In: PastoralisminBulgaria. vol. I, Gutenberg Publishing house, Sofia 2017, pp. 54-86. ISBN 978-619-176-102-9. (in Bulgarian and in English)
  • Markova, Maria, 2016. Space and nutrition system code in Bulgarian traditional notions. Mythological aspects. –In: Традиционалнаестетскакултура ПРОСТОР [Traditional Aesthetic Culture. SPACE].Beograd – Nish, pp. 101-116. ISBN 978-86-7025-585-2. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2016. The nutrition of Bride and Groom in the course of wedding. – In: Ethnographic problems of folk culture, vol. XI, Academic Publishing house „Prof. Marin Drinov“, Sofia, pp. 189-214. ISBN 978-954-322-847-8. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2015. Food, Erotic and Traditional Bulgarians. – In: Жунић, Драган (ed.). Традиционална естетска култура[Traditional Aesthetic Culture]. vol. VІ ЕROS. Nish, pp. 149-165. ISBN 978-86-7025-559-3. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2014. The Garden in “This” and the “Other” world according to the concepts of the traditional Bulgarians. – In: Жунић, Драган (ed.). Традиционална естетска култура. [Traditional Aesthetic Culture]. vol. VІІ ВРТ. Издателство „Линија принт” [“Linia print”Publishers], Beograd – Nish, pp.35-54. ISBN 978-86-7025-584-5. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2014. About some social aspects in the concepts of the woman in labour. –In: Goev, A. (ed. and compiler). Food – Sacral and Prophane. Vol. ІІІ. “Faber”Publishing house, Gabrovo, pp. 197-211. ISBN 978-619-00-0076-1.Available athttp://www.etar.org/izdania/img/hranatasakralna-3.pdf. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2013. Structure and organization of nutrition of the community regarding the new-born and infant (on evidence of Bulgarian tradition). – In: Аnchev, А. (compiler). Етнографски проблеми на народната култура [Ethnographic Problems of Folk Culture],Sofia.vol. ХХ, Academic Publishing house „Prof. Marin Drinov“, Sofia, pp. 279-328. ISBN 978-954-322-685-6. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2013. Nutritional code and the masked personages. – in: The Route of Masquerade. „Аrgus” Publishing house, Pernik, pp. 151-168. ISBN Е 978-954-8944-18-2. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2013. The sweet food of bride and groom in the course of wedding. – in: Goev, А. (ed. and compiler). The Erotic in History, vol. ІІІ, „Faber” Publishing house, Gabrovo, pp. 100-117. ISBN 978-954-400-918-2.Available athttp://www.etar.org/izdania/img/erotika_2013.pdf. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2013. The memory of Food and Nutrition. – In: Luleva, А. (ed. and compiler). Българският ХХ век. Колективна памет и национална идентичност [The Bulgarian XX century. Collective memory and national identity]. Gutenberg Publising house,Sofia, pp. 189-199. ISBN 978-619-176-002-2. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2012. Structure and organization of nutrition of the new-borns and infants. – In: Popov, R., Y. Маnkova (eds and compilers). Известия на музеите в Северозападна България [Bulletin of the Museums in North-Western Bulgaria]. ХІV National Conference of Bulgarian Ethnologists and Folklorists “The World of Children”, Vratsa, May 3-4, 2012. vol. XXXIII, РК, Бекарт [Beckart Publishers], Vratsa, pp. 1-11. ISSN 0204-4013. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2011. The Bride as a subject of nutrition in the wedding. – In: Baeva, I. (scientific ed.), Е. Georgieva, N. Todorova (compilers). The world of Bulgarians in the ХХ century. „Paradigma” Publishing house, Sofia, pp. 298-309. ISBN 978-954-326-159-8. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2011.Thenutritionofthe “regular”andthe “irregular”deceasedaccording tothetraditionalBulgarianbeliefs. –In: Петровић, Ср. (ed. and compiler). Етно-културолошки зборник [Ethno-Cultural Proceedings].vol. ХV,Етно-културолошка радионица-Сврљиг [Ethno-Cultural workshop in Svrlig], Svrlig, pp. 45-64. UDC 008:39(082.1).ISВN 978-86-907131-2-7. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2011. The Nutritional Regime 24 hours a day according to the concepts of traditional Bulgarians. – In: Yankov, А. (compiler). Годишник на Регионален етнографски музей – Пловдив [Annual Reports of the Regional Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv], vol. VI, „Блаком ЕООД-Пловдив” [Blacom Ltd – Plovdiv Publishers], Plovdiv, pp. 58-70. ISSN 1314-5509. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2011 The “Pure”- “Impure” Dichotomy and the System of the nutritional code in Bulgarian tradition. – In: Аnchev, А. (compiler). Етнографски проблеми на народната култура [Ethnographic Problems of Folk Culture].vol. VIII, АИ „Проф. М. Дринов”[Academic Publishing house „Prof. Marin Drinov”], Sofia, pp. 177-220. ISBN 978-954-322-474-6. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2011. Food and Nutrition between Nature and Culture. АИ „Проф. М. Дринов“ [Academic Publishing house „Prof. Marin Drinov”], Sofia,336 p. (in Bulgarian)
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  • Markova, Maria, 2008. Ritual processing of the body of new-born Bulgarian. – In: Маджаров, Дж., К. Стоилов [Madzharov, J., K. Stoilov (eds.)]. В света на човека – Сборник в чест на проф. д.и.н. Ив. Георгиева [In the world of Humans. Proceedings in honour of Prof. Dr. Iv. Georgieva].vol. II, University Publishing house “St. Kliment Ohridsky”,Sofia, pp. 205-218. ISBN 978-954-07-2716-5. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2006. In-laws, bestmanship and the nutritive code. – In: Popov, R., А. Gencheva (eds). Ethnographic Etudes. A collection of articles and studies in honour of the 70-th anniversary since the birth of Prof. Stoyan Genchev (1936-1990). „Faber” Printing house – Veliko Tarnovo, Sofia, pp.253-284. ISBN-10: 954-8458-31-4; ISBN-13: 978-954-8458-31-3. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2006. The Grand-mother and the Grand-son: ritual meals and tables. – In: Popov, R. (ed.). The Ritual Table.Печат „Унискорп ООД” [“Uniscorp Ltd”Printing house], Sofia, pp. 130-141. ISBN 954-8458-29-2. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, M. Pork or sheep meat? [inBulgarian]. – In: Tepavicharov, V. (ed.) Ethnologia Academica, vol. 3. Balkanite i kulturata na balkanskite narodi [The Balkans and the Culture of Balkan peoples]. Sofia 2003, pp. 101 – 115. “IF – 94” Publishers. ISBN 954-90589-8-0. (in Bulgarian)
  • Markova, Maria, 2010. Animals, Humans and the nutritive code. – Българска етнология[Bulgarian Ethnology], №3, pp. 37-56. ISSN 1310-5213. (in Bulgarian)
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  • arkova, M. Breast milk as the first food [in Bulgarian]. – Минало[Past magazine], № 1, 2001, pp. 46-54. ISSN-1310-3415. (in Bulgarian)

Elka Mincheva | Ethnologist and archive technician, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum, BULGARIA  [Profile]

Bulgaria, Sofia 1000, No6-А Moskovska street

E-mail: ielka.mincheva@abv.bg

Academic activities

Born in Bulgaria in 1964. After studying photographic technology from Julyus Fuchik Special College of Photography from 1983 to 1985, I advanced to Faculty of History, the University of Sophia (St. Kliment Ohridski) and got a bachelor's degree in 1994 . I worked as professional ethnologist MA in charge of Photo archives at the Department of Scientific Information and Documentation, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum – BAS. I contine the academic activities in relation with Bulgarian minorities, kinship, media and press, advertising, traditional architecture, Bessarabian Bulgarians, photography, ethnology, archives, applied studies.

Academic publications

  • 1998 Ethnography of Macedonia. Materials in the archival heritage. Sources for Bulgarian ethnology. Order. Volume III, Sofia, M. Vassileva, compilers – Y. Tsareva, S. Tanielyan, E. Karapetrova, E. Mintcheva.
  • 2002 From the Bulgarian liberation stamp 1900-1912. Sources for Bulgarian ethnology. Order. Volume IV, Sofia, M. Vassileva, compilers – Y. Tsareva, S. Tanielyan, E. Karapetrova, E. Mintcheva.
  • 2010 Bulgarians refugees and cultural traditions nineteenth-twentieth century. Sources for Bulgarian ethnology. Order. Volume V, Sofia, M. Vassileva, compilers – Y. Tsareva, S. Tanielyan, E. Karapetrova, E. Mintcheva.
  • 1998 Якоруда и Девин. Традиция и модерност. С., с. 71. Издателство Евроатлантическа фондация за сигурност и външна политика. (в съавторство със Сл. Гребенарова и Г. Ризова). [Yakorouda and Devin. Tradition and modernity. S., 1998, p. 71. Publishing Foundation for Euro-Atlantic security and foreign policy. (co-authored with Sunny. Grebenarova and D. Rizova).]
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  • 2012 Селище и жилище на бесарабските българи. – В: Бесарабските българи в постсъветското пространство. Култура, политика, идентичност. Ред. Ж. Пимпирева. София, 2012, с. 249-280 + 40 илюстрации и чертежи. ISSN 978-954-8289-08-5 http://www.besarabski-bulgari.org/proekt/temi.html [Settlement and housing of Bessarabian Bulgarians. - In: Bessarabian Bulgarians in the post-Soviet space. Culture, politics, identity. Order. G. Pimpireva. Sofia, 2012, pp. 249-280 + 40 illustrations and drawings. ISSN 978-954-8289-08-5 available in http://www.besarabski-bulgari.org/proekt/temi.html]
  • 2015 Традициите - живо настояще и богато на възможности бъдеще. Етнографско изследване. Съвместно с Б. Виларов. 2015, 92 стр. + 160 снимки. Книгата е издадена по проект на фонд Земеделие. [Traditions - live present and rich future opportunities. Ethnographic research. Together with B. Vilarov. 2015, 92 pages + 160 photos. The book was published under a project funded by the Agriculture Fund.]
  • 1998 Отношението човек – околна среда – труд в контекста на екологичните и обществено-политическите промени в края на `80-те и началото на `90-те години на ХХ век в един малък крайморски град (гр. Созопол на Черно море) – В: Малкият свят на социалните процеси. С., 1996, с. 24-37. Издателство Аля (в съавторство с Б. Филевска-Калиникаки). [The relationship man - environment - working in the context of environmental and socio-political changes in the late `80s and early` 90s of the twentieth century in a small seaside town (the town. Sozopol on the Black Sea) - Q: The small world of social processes. S., 1996, pp. 24-37. Publishing Alia (co-authored with B. Filevska-Kalinikaki)]
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