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Cultural category:Clothing

The Archives of IEFSEM-BAS

number Inv. № aeim aeim IV_4130
title Travelling Sarakachan with a caravan of horses
Year of the photography 1940~1960
Period 1950
Place of the photography Sliven Medven village
photographer Maria Veleva
Ethnic group Sarakachan
Explanation Sarakachans, dressed in traditional clothing, are travelling with their caravans of horses, loaded with luggage.

keywords 1 Sarakachans
keywords 2 clothing
keywords 3 horse
keywords 4 caravan
keywords 5
keywords 6
keywords 7
keywords 8
keywords 9
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keywords 12
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keywords 15
Author of the text Svetla Rakshieva, Maria Markova, Elka Mincheva