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Cultural category:Housing and cattle stall

The Archives of IEFSEM-BAS

number Inv. № aeimIV_4284a
title Sarakachan winter huts
Year of the photography 1940~1960
Period 1950
Place of the photography Yambol Miladinovtsi village
photographer Vassil Marinov
Ethnic group Sarakachan
Explanation A Sarakachan family, dressed in traditional costumes, with their household belongings in front of their winter hut. The photo shows some of women’s typical activities such as knitting socks and spinning using distaff and spindle. The following household goods can be seen: a big cauldron; a trivet; a baking dish; a canteen for water; a fire-pot; a copper kettle, and a pitcher for churning milk.

keywords 1 Sarakachan
keywords 2 hut
keywords 3 nomadism
keywords 4 settlements
keywords 5 family
keywords 6 clothing
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keywords 15
Author of the text Svetla Rakshieva, Maria Markova, Elka Mincheva