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Cultural category:Landscape

The Archives of IEFSEM-BAS

number Inv. № aeim B55_53-22
title Spinning using distaffs
Year of the photography 1940~1960
Period 1955
Place of the photography Stara Zagora Stara Zagora
photographer Zahary Dimitrov
Ethnic group Bulgarian
Explanation The photo shows some of the most common female household activities in the past; spinning using distaffs made by shepherds.

keywords 1 household activities
keywords 2 women
keywords 3 clothing
keywords 4 wool processing
keywords 5 spinning
keywords 6 distaff
keywords 7
keywords 8
keywords 9
keywords 10
keywords 11
keywords 12
keywords 13
keywords 14
keywords 15
Author of the text Svetla Rakshieva, Maria Markova, Elka Mincheva